Inspired by The Beatles:  July 8 - August 13, 2017



I became a fan of the Beatles in high school and I grew to appreciate them even more when I was in my 30’s.  I love their catchy tunes, simple harmonies and the emotions their music evokes.  To me, there’s nothing like listening to “Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band” when I need to be inspired or motivated. 

Regardless of age, gender, social status or race, the music of the Beatles has entertained and inspired so many of us.  As such, it seems logical for me to choose the band for this year’s summer show.  Inspired by The Beatles will run July 8 through August 13.



·        All 2D and 3D mediums are eligible for submission:



·        Must be original work;

·        Regardless of medium, the art must fit the theme; 

·        Completed work (including frame, if appropriate) can be no larger than 12” in any direction;

·        Work must have been created in the last 12-months and have not been exhibited anywhere in Ozaukee County.

·        All work submitted must be for sale;

·        Artist is responsible to ensure that all work is ready to hang or display.

·        Interested artists should submit the following to

          1.  Submit up to 3 high-res images in JPEG format;

o   Label your digital art file with the title and your name. 

Ex: When I’m 64_Zeb Chelsnick;

          2.  Artist Resume with biography, and information regarding current and previous gallery representation;



·        Submissions accepted June 1-17, 2017; 

·        Jury will review submissions and notify artists via email by June 24;

·        Delivery of work to The Pink Llama Gallery June 25through July 1;

·        Show will open July 8, 2017, with an artists’ reception from 6PM to 8PM (artists in the show are encouraged to                       attend);

·        Show runs through August 21, 2017:

·        Artwork must be picked up at the gallery by August 31, 2017, no exceptions.


·        Sales will be cash and carry unless the buyer is local and agrees to the art remaining onsite for the duration of the               show; 

·        Artist will receive 60% of the sale and gallery 40%. 



·        Accepted artwork must be in good repair, ready for display and/or ready to hang; 

·        Any work that requires hanging  must be wired; 

·        Only 1-piece per artist will initially be selected for showing;

o   Replacements may be eligible if cash and carry (artist will be contacted).


For additional information about this show, contact